Words from those now enjoying The SIFTED Life...

"Working with Heather has been one of the most life-changing, joy-filled experiences ever. She came alongside me in my 'mess' and provided vision and direction during every step in the sifting process. Instead of trying to change my space, she helped me change my mindset, which in turn, allowed me to change my life. My entire outlook on possessions has changed. I now thoughtfully buy only the things I love, and love the things I have. I feel empowered by our space instead of overwhelmed, and have Heather to thank."

-Elena, Blair NE

(See Elena's before and after transformation here.)

"What a fantastic experience! I was feeling anxious about all of the unnecessary things we owned, and ready to clear the clutter and chaos from our life as much as possible. I never felt judged by Heather. I was so confident that the advice I was receiving was coming from a place of experience and knowledge. It was also a very fun experience. We were able to laugh about some of the crazy things I was still holding on to…like gauchos…yikes! It was liberating - I was finally free of all my mom’s hand-me-down shoes, my high school skirts, and unflattering tops. FREE AT LAST! And I  felt lighter. Together Heather and I got rid of close to 75% of my closet. There was a big, cleansing sigh of relief, and the days that followed I was even more motivated to rid myself of possessions! I continue to look for ways I can own less, embrace less, and find joy in the things I decide to keep. Although still haunted at times by the phrase “you are what you own," I know I will never be so owned by the things I have as I was before sifting. It is a life-changing decision to embrace the “less is more" mentality, and one on which I will never look back!"

-Bethany, Blair NE

"We live in a medium-sized house and I felt so trapped by all of the clutter.  I wanted to get more organized when I got pregnant with my third child but realized I needed help.  I knew Heather excelled in this so I decided to tap into her expertise.  My mind is focused on taking care of my family - breaking through to organize our home and get ready for our new arrival made me anxious and frustrated, but I felt 100% better after Heather's visits.  The sifting experience was great as she was able to help me look at my home and the various areas within it differently than before.  We got so much accomplished in a short amount of time! After Heather came, I felt like I could take back my home. "

-Kandi, Blair NE