It's time. You're ready for change and anxious for action. But where are you at? Read below to gauge your needs and invite me to come alongside of you to help!

The Determined

Consultation + Homework + Follow-up


For you, dauntless and industrious DIY Queen, who has a knack for organizing and managing, but cannot for the love of matching socks figure out where the chaos originates. During this block of time, we'll delve deeper into your wants, uncover the sources of your anxiety, and create a game-plan to kill the clutter. You got this. You just need a new lens and some fresh guidance from Yours Truly to get you there. Let's do coffee.

The Distracted

Consultation + 6 Hour Sifting + Follow-up


For the flustered homeowner who delights in calm and clean but is clueless as to its creation and feels defeated at the thought of trying, allow me. After I visit to become your new BFF and learn the layout of the land, I'll come back with lattes and garbage bags in hand! Speaking of hands, I'll hold yours while I guide and teach you how to keep what you love and let go of the rest to own the lifestyle you want. It'll be messy and fun and exhausting, but consider it a paring-down party that will help you hit "reset." We'll find new, easy homes for the belongings you keep. We'll banish clutter - along with mountains of stress. I'll come back to visit you in your fresh home and new-found contentment and send you encouragement afterward to cheer you on. Life is so much fuller and happier with less. Ready to dive in?

The desperate

Consultation + (2) 6 Hour Sifting + Follow-up


All of the above, plus. You have a vague inclination that you might fall under the category of "Hoarder,"  you haven't the faintest clue what is in that avalanche of boxes, and your well-sized house is bursting at the seams - yet you still require a storage unit. It's time to reallocate those hard-earned dollars and free up your time and wallet. Cue: moi. Instead of investing in more space, invest in learning how to live with less and love life more. We are going to tackle your tendencies and scary-to-open-closets in not one, but two sessions because, frankly, you're drowning in stuff and need a lot more than one day to need a rescue in the form of a Sifting Celebration. And maybe a bottle of wine :) Sound like you? 

Currently serving the Omaha Metro Area.