From Digital to Print | Getting your photos off your phone/computer & into your hands


This past May, The Mister & I gallivanted around Italy for 8 full and glorious days and it was one of those magical experiences you never want to forget - like a vivid dream of which you remember every detail. (Want to see my best photos from the trip? Right this way...) While I captured a treasure trove of images, it is another thing entirely to translate them from digital files on my computer to a beautiful book that I can hold and share and touch. That's where Artifact Uprising comes in.

In a letter to their followers recently, Katie Thurmes - Co-Founder of Artifact - shared this:

It is my hope for my children and my children’s children, and their children to know and see...really see...where they came from. I hope they recognize, through photographs, the same smiles that connect past to present. I hope they find a license to adventure by glimpsing into the frontiers once paved by those they love most. I wish for them to see the imperfect and unscripted moments of our time, only to realize that missteps are a part of the journey. And I hope this visual collection, spanning from tiny feet to wrinkled hands, fosters gratitude for all that has come before and all that is yet to be.

As soon as I read those words, I knew I needed to turn our experience into a legacy to share. So I distilled my 4,000+ collection of images into a 300+ curated gallery that told the richest, most refined story of our time in Italy and laid them out in a visually compelling way that would take me, and any other viewer, through a seamless journey. It took hours of perfecting, moving and selecting, but the finished product was well-worth the work and I now have the loveliest, truest account of our adventures.

Cloth bound in a dusty, rosy peach with a jacket of velvety matte, eyes are drawn to it and fingers itch to pick it up and turn its pages. Saturated photos adorn every page, tempered with the simplest and most striking white border. My book of Italy is now one of my most beloved possessions and to know that not only did I take its photos but I created a place for them, too, is utterly satisfying. I'm a maker and a storyteller and Artifact unites them both for me.

Artifact Uprising, thank you for your absolute excellence in preserving memories and for giving my experiences a home. I look forward to holding these pages with all of my generations to come...

Heather Hall