Knowing the WHY behind your minimalist life


I love the thought of sifting a life, because it implies that it's not just about decluttering and purging, but about finding what is important to you - what you love - and holding on to it while you let the rest fall away. Living the sifted life is such a joy, but I've realized something really important over the years: you cannot live the sifted life if you do not know why you are doing it. Without thoughtfully choosing your goals or dreams, you cannot move toward them. This requires time, listening to your heart and deciding what your priorities are. Is it to get out of debt?Spend more time with your family? Is it to be able to read poetry or go on walks? Why do you want to live a sifted life? 

I know I've mentioned it before, but so often our dreams are influenced by cultural standards - the white picket fence, SUV, square footage, yearly vacations, THE it bag, the best tutors/mentors for your kids, etc. Those are all nice things, but is that actually important to you? Will they make you happy?

When you remove yourself from those expectations and see who you really are aside from the consumerist mentality, what is it you yearn for most? Time? An emergency cushion? To go to your kid's events? To avoid decision fatigue at 7 a.m.? To pursue a passion? Retire early? Travel more? Give more? Live slower? Eat more meals around the table? These things do not need to be expensive and material - they can be simple and free and restful. 

Becoming a stay at home mom began our journey of the sifted life, and I have found our reasons have become deeper, more meaningful and more numerous over time.

I choose a sifted life so I can...
live fully
enjoy my family, garden and home
be less distracted
clean less
come home to a place I love
host anyone, anytime
write, photograph and build my businesses
teach Alice and Milo the value of living a fuller, happier life with less

Why do you want to live a sifted life? Go ahead and carve out some quiet time (a challenge if you're a parent - I know), get out a piece of paper, a pen, and think. Tune out the distractions and listen to your heart and mind. If you are in a long-term relationship, bring your partner on board after you've had some time to ponder solo.

A sifted life is not the goal - what you want to do with a sifted life is the goal. Know your why. Acknowledge the reasons that are motivating you to live a sifted life, and then keep them close and remember them often. Be mindful and live with intention. 

Ready to sift your heart?