Musings | Delighting in the little things


An heirloom silver tray brimming with pinkly prim petals (Lucy would totally approve of "pinkly"), a mason jar of much-anticipated iced coffee accompanied by dainty Biscoff cookies tucked with a handmade linen napkin atop a rustic, husband-built table...all luxuriating in a warm breeze and birdsong. These are all simple things - inexpensive, thrifted, or gifts - but they make life so delightful. The Mister crafted our new table from reclaimed deck wood, the tray, napkin, spoon, chair and flowers are cherished gifts, the plate and creamer second-hand scores. But when pieced together in the same space, they lend an element of exquisite elegance to an otherwise blank afternoon. What a delicious moment.

We don't accumulate lots of these treasures, but the ones we have given a home are simple, sifted pleasures I can't help but enjoy. What are yours?

In the meantime, welcome to my table and please - be my guest...

Heather Hall