SIFTED Pleasures | Honeyed-Hues


"Mellow yellow sunshine flooding an afternoon haze

of lazy butterflies and bright lemonade..."

Do you feel cheerier already? (And did I miss my calling as a poet?) Yellow has that marvelous effect of brightening moods, rooms, photos and then some, and it's this honeyed-hue I've embraced in the last year more than any other (hello accent color on all my sites and blogs!).

Color is simple, but I find in thoughtful doses it adds so much value to my day. Is there a color you're drawn to? One that you could celebrate to bring joy to your home? Find those simple, sifted pleasures and enjoy them more fully.

Savor a peep at this golden hue around our home...

Daffodils, design books, delightful boxes, and dear friends - does it get much better?

Heather Hall