Musings | The Coffee Ritual


Weekends usually beckon glorious coffee-laden afternoons - complete with darling copper vessels! - and the aroma of freshly ground beans fills the house as The Mister (trailed by gleeful littles) grinds them on parade, perfuming our abode as they go. If Alice and Milo have one smell seared into their childhood memories, it will be coffee :) Gifted linen napkins, thrifted copper mugs, beans from our favorite local spot, a new french press we thoughtfully purchased's all simple, sifted, and sublime.

Pull up a chair and take a sip...

What simple, sifted pleasures do you love? What pleasures were once quite novel to you but have since lost their luster? Take time to ponder those small but meaningful rituals in your life you can elevate and celebrate. Make time to fully and thoughtfully embrace tiny moments today. And as always, cheers to finding a fuller, happier life with less!

Heather Hall