Musings | A Dozen Roses


Upon moving into our home, there was a rather inconveniently located rose bush under the down spout so The Mister transplanted it elsewhere. It thrived in its new spot, but the funny thing was that the original one grew right back! So he uprooted it again. And again. And again. And again. Now we have five beautiful rose bushes (for free!) and are enjoying their magenta gems like never before this year. 

Flowers and foliage are those simple things that don't cost us more than once and we can enjoy their displays every year after. We can bring some blooms inside to grace our tables or simply enjoy looking out the windows. It's small, but enriches my every day. 

He may not have bought me flowers, but I like these much better :)

A dozen roses - well, a dozen lovely photos of roses - for you...

Heather Hall