The Simple Pleasure of Writing Letters


For some reason, the world is always sending something to my doorstep. Trudge to the trusty mailbox. Open the door. Pull out the usual pile. Retreat. Resign to sorting through catalogs/credit card offers/donation requests/junk mail. But wait. Was it? My heart flutters a little at the hope of something more. Something to me - the real me. Not an offer, not a bill, not a demand. Just a ray of sun to tell me I'm loved. Yes, it is. Heartened, I can't help but smile as I single out the little envelope, setting down the rest, forgotten for now. I see my name, written in someone else's hand, my address scrawled beneath. Is it a pretty stamp? What does their script reveal? Who will I mentally hug while I read my note? I happily break the seal, pulling out the contents with eager anticipation. I'm silently brimming over with satisfaction as I read the words. Turning it over to make sure I saw it all, I read it again. I lay it carefully on my desk for later, saving it for the unconscious tug to feel loved. Happy sigh.

I'm a big believer in snail mail, sending a little love the old-fashioned way. Writing someone a letter is a treat to craft and a gift to receive. It's even more of a treat when your stationary is peachy pink with a nice weight and a fine tooth and you actually enjoy your handwriting! I've spent years honing my penmanship which is now intrinsically entwined with my personality and branding. Scripty, well-shaped, and always in ink. I love writing!

I also adore lavishing life-giving words on my friends. Words of Affirmation and Gifts are my love languages, so bestowing these tiny parcels of affection suits me well. It also pairs nicely with one of my spiritual gifts - Encouragement :) The more I think about it, the more I realize I was made to write people letters!

Pouring lines onto pretty paper while sipping a good cuppa is such a delight. It's one of those simple pleasures I can't get enough of, and I hope my friends feel the same!

Is there someone you could write to today? Someone to thank? Someone to let know you're thinking about? Someone to invite over for coffee? Someone who needs a touch? Grab a piece of paper - any old scrap or your finest stock - and jot a few lines to someone you love.

Happy writing :)

PC | Elena Ogle