SIFTED Pleasures | Blossoms


β€œI love to smell flowers in the dark," she said. "You get hold of their soul then.” 
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams

A couple of weeks ago the doorbell rang on a slow afternoon and when I opened it, there was a long box and a Fed Ex man running back to his truck. Hmmm. Definitely not the swimsuit I had ordered. Unsure of what to expect, I brought it in and began dispatching the mystery. Alice was at the ready, quietly tip-toe dancing around me, trying to get a peek. I unfurled the craft paper which revealed a note and a breathtaking bunch of fiery flowers. My lover had sent me a gift. :) Instant puddle of goo!

After exclaiming over their loveliness, Alice and I brought them to the kitchen to give them a home in a hurricane case, but after a day or two I decided to go short. For some reason, I prefer lower, fuller arrangements to tall, grandiose ones, so with more snipping and placing, I made a sweet little piece to grace my studio table where it greeted me every entrance for over a week.

What a simple thing flowers are but they bring so much joy! Their color, their texture. Petals and thorns. Leaves and buds. And the magic of layering them is almost as wonderful as looking at them. I love playing florist and creating a tiny cup of happiness to adorn a room. It's a little jewel lighting up everything around it. Flowers are one of those simple pleasures I never want to do without.

Love, thank you for loving me. You are the husband of my youth and the man I look forward to growing old with. 

For transformation from box to glass, behold...

Heather Hall