The SIFTED Life | Beginnings


A few months ago, I went through a branding packet for my photography business and had a couple of creative minds and friends look it over for feedback. One friend - new, with an entrepreneurial heart and kindred spirit - noted that one of my "someday dreams" should happen soon. The fantasy in question? Sifting. Making myself a confidante to help other women find a fuller, happier life with less. 

The SIFTED Life is a lifestyle we've lived for four years now and have so whole-heartedly embraced it that it has begun spilling into the lives of those around us and I have had the privilege of coming alongside friends and family, sifting with them and watching the revolution of less but full waft through their homes. It's a magical metamorphosis, helping others identify their dreams and joys and letting go of the rest. Holding onto those things that bring them happiness and loosening their grip on everything else.

And not only do I want to offer my services, but I want to write and teach and document! I'm going to author and photograph a beautiful coffee table book, sharing how to sift a home from top to bottom. I want to write blog posts about enjoying simple pleasures, living sustainably, the joy of less, and how to sift. I want to share before and after stories so others can be encouraged by transformation. I want to teach workshops in my home where a small gathering of women can come and share and learn. I don't just want to sift people's homes, I want to create a movement. A movement of people taking ownership of their lives and surroundings. 

With encouragement from my new mentor, I began to chase this dream rapidly and built my castle in the sky. I wrote out a game plan, sought advice, did my research, and began to commit to words all that I needed to do to make this imagination a reality.

First, I devoted time to finishing up my online presence for Heather Hall Photography. Photography is in me - that innate creator-spirit that is so ingrained in how I see the world and tell its story that I needed to get my site up and running. After nearly three years as a professional, it was time I got my act together and create a space for clients and fellow artists to see my work and rates and get to know me.

Next, I needed to move my personal blog - formerly SIFTED - to a new home in order to free up SIFTED for my new venture. Since using Squarespace for my photography site and The SIFTED Life, I bit the bullet and bought a domain and blog for my personal use with the darling and fitting name KINDRED STORY. All of our family life is featured there, and it is such a relief to have separate places for all of my content and images because they are for completely different audiences. Now I can host all of my client galleries in a professional space, my personal stories and photos of The Littles on KINDRED STORY, and all things minimal, lovely, and sifted on The SIFTED Life. It just made sense. 

Other items to sort out? Only everything. But I'm plowing through it, with moxie and gumption; spirit, fire, and dew. I'm not waiting for it to be perfect - I'm building and forging and designing as I go and grow. While I'm not nearly finished, I've created enough to get going. And I am so incredibly grateful for the help and guidance of my friend and entrepreneurial mentor, Elena. I would not be at this point without her deep knowledge of starting businesses, practical tactics, resources, her willingness to invest her time and insight, and did I mention she was a photographer? Any photo with me actually in it, she took. So helpful to have an inventory of portraits to use! We spent many an afternoon chatting while enjoying the process of making coffee, learning from each other and growing closer. She has become so much more than a teacher - God brought her into my life at that perfect, pivotal moment. She even let me test my sifting process on her with glowing results - can't wait to share!

It gives me so much joy to finally be able to share with the you the world I'm creating and the change about to come. Are you ready to sift your life?

Heather Hall