SIFTED Pleasures | Bulbs to Bouquets


Every spring, I marvel anew at the glories of the budding, awakening world and wonder at the privilege of documenting the blossoming and unfolding around our home. When I started my captures, I realized they were rendering underexposed, but there was something so enchanting about them that way - their dark, moody splendor - that I only wanted to remember them as such. Deeply romantic, each with a different coloring, tone, softness, grain, and composition. Which one speaks to you?

Planting bulbs in the fall is such a sweet surprise. It's a lot like hiding $5 in your coat pocket in the spring hoping you'll forget all about it and have an awesome day when you discover it afresh in the fall, reaching your hand down and brushing it against a crisp piece of paper with a jolt of realization and a smile on your lips. My first fall here I planted these tulips and have enjoyed planting even more every year after, the anticipation and surprise a fun gift to myself and anyone who walks by. Being able to walk out and bring some inside to brighten up a room, or simply enjoy in their natural state, is such a pleasure. They're so small, but so wonderful. 

Buy a bag of bulbs and dream about cultivating your sifted life...

Heather Hall