Dearest You -

As a lifestyle photographer, wife, housekeeper, gardener, and mother of two, I've learned the value of finding a fuller, happier life with less. Being surrounded by only what we love is a profound paradise to experience on a daily basis and brings us incredible joy and gladness. Less but full is the culture of our home and the family philosophy we breathe.

I would love nothing more than to help you enjoy the beauty of a sifted life, thoughtfully crafting with you the home you long for, becoming your confidante as you process your past, delight in the present, and bravely charge into your future.

I'm not interested in a quick fix or a complex storage system. I don't want to reign over you as Judge. I want to keep it simple. I want you to feel open, safe, and encouraged as we put words and momentum to your dreams. I want to get to know you right where you're at - your ambitions, your values, your needs, your obstacles, your frustrations...all of it. I want to empower you to give yourself permission to build castles in the sky and let go of anything that isn't on the staircase up.

I'm not interested in an organized life, but a fuller, happier life with less. A simpler life. A sifted life.

Let's be friends soon :)

Learn more about me and my sweet little family at KINDREDSTORY.CO & my photography work at HEATHERHALLPHOTOGRAPHY.CO.