Finding a fuller, happier life with less

find a fuller, happier life with less

define the life you want, SIFT your space, and make time for what you love



Are you drowning in clutter, piles, and chores? PREACH. That was me once upon a time. Since discovering my own brand of minimalism, I'm on fire to help others find theirs. Let me encourage and empower you to live a fuller, happier life with less. When you choose your lifestyle and possessions with intention, you find simplicity, happiness and time to pursue what you love. "Sifting" is not the end - it's the means and the method. By sifting, you keep what you love and let go of the rest. Are you ready to enjoy a fuller, happier life with less? Let's get coffee..

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Reflect on the life you have & dream about the life you want. Are you happy? Does your home & schedule bring you joy? Begin to clarify your thoughts noting exactly how you want your space & life to look & feel. 


Now gauge whether or not your current belongings & calendar complement that vision. You're no longer sorting and storing mindlessly, but making a home for those things you love while letting go of the rest.


After sifting your home inside & out, you are now surrounded by only that which brings you bliss. You have time to enjoy the life you crave instead of cleaning up clutter. Full, happy, less? Right this way...

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Satisfied Clients

Our entire outlook on possessions has evolved. We now thoughtfully buy only the things we love, and love the things we have. Instead of trying to change our space, Heather helped us change our mindset, which in turn, allowed us to change our life. We feel empowered by our space instead of overwhelmed and are loving our life with less.
— Derek & Elena
We live in a medium-sized house and I felt so trapped by all of the clutter. With Baby No. 3 on the way, I knew I needed help.  The sifting experience was empowering and Heather helped me approach my home with fresh eyes.  We got so much accomplished in a short amount of time!
— Kandi
What a fantastic experience! I was feeling anxious about all of the unnecessary things we owned and ready to clear the clutter. It was such liberating and FUN experience! I felt lighter. The days that followed I was even more motivated to rid myself of possessions. I continue to look for ways I can own less, embrace less, and find joy in the things I decide to keep. I’ll never look back!
— Bethany
Heather spent the better part of the day (& her invigorating energy) showing me what it takes to live The Sifted Life. The process required substantial shifts in thinking. She guided me to make conscious decisions on the possessions I allow to be bad roommates by paying their rent with my energy & joy. And she deserves acknowledgment for the graciousness she intertwines in leading people to stand in the face of internal struggles, closely held memories, vulnerability, & insecurities to create a space that grants you permission to be the best version of you that God created you to be.
— Alex

Why the sifted life?

Motives behind everyone's sifted life are different, but here's a glimpse into a few hearts & dreams...





Minimalism + motherhood

Speaking Engagement

I love love love sharing our journey in minimalism, why it's essential to motherhood, and practical tips for decluttering. If you have a group who needs to hear the message of less, let me encourage you.




Consultation + Homework + Follow-up

Let's create a game-plan to kill the clutter. You got this. You just need a new lens and some fresh guidance. Let's talk...




Consultation + 6 Hour Sifting + Follow-up

Lattes and garbage bags. Let me teach you how to keep what you love and let go of the rest! We'll create a game plan and then I'll come to help you banish clutter. But first, let's do lattes...




Consultation + (2) 6 Hour Sifting + Follow-up

All of the above, plus. Instead of investing in more space, invest in learning how to live with less and love life more. We'll tackle your tendencies & scary-to-open-closets in not one, but two sessions. Shall we?

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Let's get coffee and talk more about how I can help you craft your own sifted life! I want to get to know you right where you're at. I want to empower and equip you to find a fuller, happier life with less. 

So let's get that latte...

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